IMLB 2018

Abstract Submission

Final deadline for abstracts was extended to March 2, 2018.
The maximum capacity for posters is 1,200 at the meeting site, and we may close the abstract submission site even before March 2, 2018 if the number reach the maximum capacity. Please submit your abstract as early as possible.
Also please understand that we can accept only one poster per one registration at this moment owing to the limited capacity.

Because all oral presentations are invited by the Organizing Committee, only poster presentations are solicited in IMLB2018. Please make a A4 size 1-page abstract in pdf format using the template and submit it no later than January 15, 2018, from the banner below.

When submitting your abstract through the web, please choose one of the following categories for your abstract:

  1. General
  2. Anode Materials
  3. Cathode Materials
  4. Electrolyte Materials
  5. Cell Performance, Durability, and Safety
  6. Advanced Analytical Tools
  7. All Solid-State Batteries
  8. Metal-Air Batteries
  9. Li-Sulfur Batteries
  10. Na- and K-Ion Batteries
  11. Mg and Ca Rechargeable Batteries
  12. Miscellaneous

Please note that all authors for oral and poster presentations should pay the registration fee no later than April 30, 2018 (the deadline of the early-bird registration). Otherwise the presentation may be cancelled automatically.

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